By: Ozgur Bilgin, Owner & Executive Consultant of Procedo HSC

Throughout my career in Food & Beverage, Hospitality Industry I have been involved in many food & beverage operations as the owner, upper level manager or an industry consultant positions, whether it is a food and beverage facility or a hotel. In each project I have faced many challenges and difficulties but at the end reaching the award of success was the biggest award of me and /or the company that I work for. Here are some advices on the road to success of mine …

First off all please note that; in general terms each food and beverage enterprise is unique and characterized with its concept, atmosphere, staff and its clientele. In spite of the fact that the survival rate of each newborn restaurant is so low, every food service facility can succeed, if supplied with a professional approach.

Whether you are a small family bistro or a fine dining restaurant owner you have to take your business seriously. In my perspective, there are two simple business terms to define whether a food service is successful or not. One of them is continuous profitability and the other one is the customer satisfaction rate. In the simplest meaning this means you and / or your foodservice establishment is successful if you have a continuous profitability and a high customer satisfaction rate. But how will we reach that level? Here are some tips to achieve success in food service industry.

If you are planning to open a new establishment please focus on Location, location and location. The place that you have established your establishment plays a very important role for your success, so that your investment. So please be very picky while choosing your space and do not rush.  Assess all stages of pre-opening phase of an establishment carefully. This means your accuracy of your business plan, feasibility analysis, psychographics, demographic analysis, concept, branding and so on.. Make sure your location and your demographic profile do not clash. Analyze carefully the supply and demand relations of the concept you have within the selected area. With More basic terms do not try to open an expensive place in a low median neighborhood and try not to do vice – versa. Do not try to run and roll in to food service industry if you do not have a patient, friendly and hardworking personality. And if you are not; Hire the right person for the job.

While running your establishment keep yourself up to date with the following trends , execute successfully for your daily tasks such as goal setting, planning, decision making, delegating and scheduling.  Always try to maintain high standards of food, service, health and safety. Focus Effective strategic planning, shift organizations and other day-to-day management activities and give a remarkable service experience to your guests regardless of your foodservice concept and try to do your best in all levels. Develop your leadership skills such as ,managing priorities, the ability to listen, team motivation,, Recruitment, Sales ability, Ability with figures, Sensitivity to customers, Ability to deliver training at all levels, Supervising, problem handling suggestive selling or upselling, good interpersonal and organizational  skills.

Specially focus on menu engineering and your costs and the current marketing trends and methodologies. Never underestimate that your path to success lies on increasing your profit, reducing your costs without downgrading your standards and customer satisfaction rate.

Finally do not forget that food service industry is a challenging industry which you have to approach strategically. And it will always be better to work with the professionals and hire professional help such as industry consultants.

Ozgur Bilgin
Owner & Executive Consultant
Procedo HSC

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