Chocolate Decorating Technique with Ewald Notter


Explore the art and science of creating beautiful and delicious chocolates. Award-winning confectioner Ewald Notter of the International School of Confectionary Arts uses tempered chocolate to create decorative showpieces and awe-inspiring works of culinary art.


In part one of this DVD, Chef Notter teaches you the fundamentals of chocolate work, bringing all the information and techniques together as he:

  • Explains how chocolate is manufactured and tempered.
  • Demonstrates the basics of spraying, cutting out shapes, and using plastic molds and transfer sheets.
  • Creates bunnies and chicks, a swan, and Valentine and Christmas displays.

Stretch your creativity and build on the techniques you explored in part one. In part two, Chef Notter teaches you how to:

  • Make chocolate shavings, curls, and cigarettes.
  • Pipe chocolate to make decorative filigrees and ornaments.
  • Create several fanciful chocolate pieces—an owl, a rooster, and a hat.

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