Customer Analysis

Information is marketing power. The more you know about your customers and how to effectively reach and retain them, the better grasp you have on the foundation that fuels restaurant sales.  Profitable restaurants participate in some form of customer analysis. Customer analysis is just another way of saying demographics.

Restaurant Promotion IdeasIt is essential to know the age, spending power and eating habits of the people in the geographic area you plan on serving. Customer analysis focuses on your preferred customer base and is crucial in determining if you are serving the right types of food at the right price levels.

Increase Profits with the Right Information

The information that you receive will help you select the right restaurant menu writing, menu engineering and the restaurant marketing strategies. If your restaurant is just getting by or failing, then it is vital to get some kind of customer survey to see where the problem lies. There are many factors that drive the customer to come in or stay away. Things like location, decor, staff, food quality and price are some of the factors that people base their decisions upon. Knowing this information can guide any improvements you need to make to increase profits and keep satisfied customers coming back to your establishment.

If you want to draw in more than just local or regular customers your restaurant should leave an extensive online footprint and utilize new technologies to generate more traffic. We can assist you in these areas and more. Our goal is to provide customer analysis and marketing services to promote your brand, strengthen customer loyalty and drive sales.

Customer analysis services are provided to existing restaurant accounting and restaurant bookkeeping clients only.

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