Menu Engineering & Costing

Menu engineering reports classify menu items sold into one of four categories.

Menu Engineering

Menu Engineering Report

STARS****- are your key or signature dishes – high in profit and high in popularity. They should be given maximum exposure on your menu.  Make sure your staff ‘upsells’ your stars.

PLOW HORSES ***– these are dishes that you consistently sell.  However, due to the fact that they contribute low amounts to profits, they are not prize winners.

PUZZLES** –They are not popular but are high in profit.

DOGS* –These are unprofitable and unpopular dishes and really should be removed. But before you do – again, try to canvas staff and receive customer opinions about why they did not worked.  Through this means, you can avoid repeating the same mistake.

Developing Profitable and Cost Effective Menus

Menu engineering reports help prioritize what you want to sell, with profit in mind, without deterring from the quality of the dishes. Your key to menu success lies in the ‘4 P’s’ – Product, Placement, Price and Profit.  At the same time, you should not overlook your competitors pricing.  Knowing your theoretical food cost will aid in inventory control and costing.

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