Point of Sale Business Intelligence

Point of Sale Business Intelligence

Join the thousands of restaurant owners who have financially benefited from our affordable POS business intelligence solutions now available on their mobile device Testimonials Available

Your POS system contains a wealth of data, all of which affects your restaurant’s bottom line. However, few restaurant managers or owners have the time, resources or knowledge to adequately analyze this information. Our solution integrates with many POS systems, which over 4,000 global customers use to boost their profitability. We can get you up quickly, so you quickly benefit from industry-leading analytics that provide you with decision making insight.

Some of the valuable information you will receive include:

  • Which restaurant servers are performing and which are in need of additional training
  • Which items are selling the most
  • When POS irregularities are detected
  • Visuals to help you quickly understand large amounts of data
  • Opportunity for better labor scheduling and purchasing depending on the day of the week and hour in the day

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