The Best of Culinary Boot Camp


Take your cooking skills to a whole new level with The Best of Culinary Boot Camp DVD.Offering step-by-step chef demonstrations of fundamental techniques—including roasting, braising, carving, stock preparation, cutting techniques, knife safety, and more—this informational DVD is a food enthusiast must-have.



The Best of Culinary Boot Camp provides the perfect opportunity for veteran campers to relive their CIA culinary experience and for potential students to get an inside look into the hallowed halls of The Culinary Institute of America. Join Chefs John DeShetler, Hinnerk von Bargen, and David Kamen in the CIA Hyde Park kitchens as they teach the fundamentals learned in the Culinary Boot Camp program. Demonstration-based learning modules offer more than three hours of video featuring the following techniques:

  • Braising osso buco
  • Carving a roast
  • Chopping herbs and examining vegetable cuts
  • Sautéing and pan-frying
  • Setting up a cutting station
  • Creating the perfect consommé
  • Tying chicken and beef
  • Fabricating chicken
  • Grilling beef, chicken, and fish
  • Preparing tomato concassé
  • Preparing basic beurre blanc
  • Preparing a classic stock
  • Preparing rice pilaf
  • Preparing spaetzle
  • Roasting beef and chicken
  • Toasting nuts
  • Knife maintenance
  • Plus, Chef D takes you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the CIA storeroom!

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