Dry Heat Methods: Volume 2


The cooking techniques presented in this DVD rely on a fat or oil as the cooking medium. Since dry heat does not have a tenderizing effect, any food prepared using these cooking methods must be naturally tender or should be prepared in a way that will introduce additional moisture. Once you have developed these skills, you can begin the process of refining and creating virtually endless variations employing dry-heat cooking methods.




This popular high-heat cooking method quickly adds flavor to your selections and versatility to your staff and students’ skill set. This section will help you:

  • Learn the step-by-step process of sautéing
  • Explore the art of finishing, garnishing, glazing, deglazing, and plating a sautéed item
  • Discover how to “condition” your pan
  • Prepare classic sautéed recipes—Veal Scallopine Marsala and Trout Meunière


In this section you will explore the basics of pan-frying items ranging from vegetables to meats to poultry and:

  • Get tips on how to apply proper batters to food for frying
  • Learn the standard breading techniques
  • Discover how to properly coated and pan-fried recipes include Pan-fried Vegetables and Southern Fried Chicken


Who isn’t occasionally seduced by the crisp crunch and savor of fried foods? In this section you will:

  • Study the basics of deep-frying
  • Learn the importance of coating to optimize flavor
  • Maintain cooking fat for the best-tasting fried foods with the least amount of waste
  • Learn how to prepare Tempura Vegetables and Breaded Shrimp
  • Explore how to present different methods of placing food into hot oil


Gain the competitive edge on mastering this immensely appealing technique and learn how to make it work in your operation.

  • Discover the proper cooking sequencing for stir-fried items
  • Examine the importance of consistency in product size for this cooking method
  • Learn the proper techniques for preparing Stir-fried Scallops

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